About Us
Who we are

Webshots has always stood for innovation in photos.

The company began as a popular screensaver and wallpaper software that gave people the ability to decorate their computer desktops with stunning imagery from around the world, hand-selected from professional photographers.

Over time, Webshots became one of the first photo sharing websites, enabling its members to upload photos to share with family and friends or the rest of the world.

Today, Webshots offers a downloadable desktop app: Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver. This premium subscription comes with a Gallery with over 1,800 photos showcasing a variety of subjects, such as Animals, Nature and Travel. Subscribers receive beautiful new photos every day.

In addition, Webshots has developed a mobile photo wallpaper app for Android and iOS devices. The app offers both free photos as well as in-app purchases. Now everyone can enjoy Webshots photos on their tablets and phones too.

Webshots is owned and operated by Threefold Photos, a company whose mission is to help people stay connected through photos. Threefold Photos is based in Corte Madera, California.